How do you do high voltage testing?

Under the condition of 3300KV high voltage, test for 1 minute for samples, 3 second for production.

Is it possible to customize the DC connector?

Of course, we can open the mold for dc connector depend on your quantity,and need you provide the drawing for the DC connector.

Do you have Class II desktop power adapter?

Yes, we have. Class II corresponds to C8 AC inlet, Class I corresponds to C6, C14 AC inlet.

Do your products have over-current production?

Yes, it have, generally 110%-200%. If has a motor in end device, we will adjust the value of overcurrent protection according as the motor specifications.

Do your products have LED lights?

Most of our products can do with LED light, there are 2 types with light and turn light. Generally, adapter with turn lights are used for products with lithium batteries.

Do you have adapter in stock?

No. I don't have ! Because the adapter is a semi-custom product, generally we will not have it in stock. The fastest delivery time is 20 working days.

What's waterproof level for your product?


Do you have products with the IEC 60601 standard?

We do not have the IEC 60601 standard, which is medical device. Our main products with EN 62368 (AV and IC) and 61558 (home appliances) standard.